EIC BOD Election 2022 Announcement
Election Results


Candidates have been finalized. Please read their bio and manifest on how they will be contributing to EIC if they get elected.

There will be three vacancies on Evergreen Islamic Center (EIC) Board of Directors by the end of 2022 year when Br. Adnan Jafri, Br. Mukhtiar Shaikh, and Br. Nayeem Khaja will complete their terms.

Download: Youth Voter Registration Form, Candidate Nomination Form

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Deadline for submitting signed nominations form for BoD is Oct 9th 2022 by 9 PM.

Please contact any of the following EIC Election Committee Members if you have any questions or need clarification.

Name Phone Number Email
Br Mir Islam
408-829-4205 eic-election@eicsanjose.org, election-admin@eicsanjose.org
Br Zaki Hassan 408-204-2095
Br Asad Riaz 408-532-3970