Our Imam


Hafiz Salim Molla was born and raised in Bangladesh. He received his Hifzul-Quran degree and Tajweed training in Dhaka, Bangladesh. In 1986, he started leading the Taraweeh prayers in various Masajid in Dhaka.

Hafiz Salim moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1994 and made San Jose Evergreen as his home. He started out with teaching the Holy Quran to young kids. In 1997, he joined Evergreen Masjid Center as the Imam and has been active in the spiritual and operational affairs ever since.

For past 20 years, Hafiz Salim has dedicated his life to teaching Quran to kids and youth of the community with perfect pronunciation and Tajweed, proper mannerisms during Salah. He also holds formal hifz, qirat and basic Islamic-education classes for youth and children. Hundreds of children have benefited from his teachings through the years.