Celebrate the month of Ramadan at EIC


Iftar at the Masjid:

Ramadan provides an occasion to break your fast with family and friends at the Masjid. It is a valued tradition at Evergreen Islamic Center to offer this service to the community. It is an opportunity to meet the community, meet old friends and make new ones!

Please, join us with your families for iftar at the Masjid. Take a look at the details about the iftar sponsorship program.

Taraweeh will start right after Isha prayer. Please check our website for prayer times and Ramadan calendar.

  • Taraweeh will be led by Hafiz Salim Molla supported by Hafiz Hamid Mian.
  • Hafiz Khan will give a daily summary talk on the Quranic verses recited during Taraweeh 30 minutes before Isha Prayer. Please, arrive early to benefit from the talk.
  • Hasan Z. Rahim will be sending out a daily e-mail summary of the Quranic verses recited during Taraweeh Please, signup for our newsletter.
  • Babysitting will be provided.

Itikaf will be allowed at EIC by permission only. Please email info@eicsanjose.org for details and approvals.

Last 10 Nights:
Qiamul Lail – 2:45am – 3:15am followed by Suhoor

Be a good neighbor:
Islam has great respect for the mutual rights and duties of neighbors. It is critical that we remain mindful of our neighbors at all times and especially during Ramadan.

“And be good to the neighbor who is your relative and to the neighbor who is not a relative . . .” (Qur’an, 4:36)

Throughout Ramadan we see an increase level of activity at the Masjid. During the long days of summer, Taraweeh prayers will end late. We want to ensure that we are not disturbing our neighbors as we exit the facility. Remember noise tends to carry farther distance when the surroundings are quiet.

  • Limit your socialization in the parking lot
  • Please do not congregate in the parking lot after the prayers
  • Keep your voices low as you walk out of the facility
  • Parents: Kids are not allowed to play in the parking lot

Safety is always at the forefront for all the events and our top priority. This is a construction site; we want all our patrons to be aware of their surroundings at all times.

  • Please pay close attention to the posted signs and no trespassing in blocked off areas
  • We expect lots of kids and youth to be present at the Masjid, be watchful while parking and driving through the parking lot during evening hours
  • Park only in the designated areas and do not block space for emergency response vehicles
  • Parents: Continue to remind your kids about the safety

To ensure that parking and traffic concerns remain under control, here are the specific steps that we are implementing:

  • Parking lot is open
    • Familiarize yourself with the parking areas. We have the parking capacity for ~150 vehicles
    • Keep parking spots open for people with disabilities, seniors and families with young kids near the Masjid entrance
    • Only park in designated parking areas
    • Due to ongoing site construction, portions of the parking lot may be closed as need arises
    • We highly encourage everybody to carpool
  • Street parking (use only when parking lot is full)
    • Please park the cars inside the facility and help remove congestion from the nearby streets
    • Always park legally and never block access to a neighbor’s driveway
    • Be aware and watchful of pedestrian traffic
  • We are hiring SJPD officers to monitor the traffic on Ruby Avenue and Tully Road
    • Thank the fine police officers for providing this service

Interested in volunteering:
EIC has a dedicated team of volunteers to support various activities.

  • We are always looking for people to help out
  • Please, contact us at info@eicsanjose.org to learn how you can help