EIC Steel Structure & Concrete Project

We would like to thank our community for their continuous generosity and support towards the Masjid construction project. The next important task is to complete the steel structure for which we need to raise $500K. Alhamdulillah, we have collected $469,516 and need to raise: $30,484. Please donate generously. JazakAllahu khayran.

If you would like to be included in the next batch of leaves, then please donate or fulfill your pledge of $5000.

Please Donate Generously


Other methods of donation:

  • PayPal & Zelle – EIC ID: payment@eicsanjose.org
  • Benevity & Bright Funds – Donate through your employer and get corporate matching
  • Brokerage – TD Ameritrade – Account Number: 492850596 | Account Name: Evergreen Islamic Center | DTC: 0188
  • Pick-up Donation – Send an email to info@eicsanjose.org or call 408-239-6668 to schedule a pick-up of cash/check donation from your location
  • Mail check to EIC – Mail the donation check to 2486 Ruby Ave, San Jose, CA 95148 – payable to Evergreen Islamic Center with memo as Construction

JazakAllahu khayran!

We have a DONOR RECOGNITION TREE to thank our generous donors who have donated $5000 or more towards the Masjid construction project since 2020. The tree will have the donor’s choice of name or short appropriate message engraved on a leaf. Please inform us of your donation/pledge by submitting the form below. If you have donated any amount less than $500, then please choose the ‘Other’ option and fulfill the $5000 pledge before the funds are completely raised for the Steel Structure & Concrete Project. JazakAllahu khayran for your donation!

EIC Donor Recognition Tree Form

The donor’s leaf will be added to the tree after the $5000 pledge is fulfilled.


Ex. a $10K donation will sponsor 2 leaves. The donor can choose to engrave his/her family name, parents’ names, children’s names, etc. If the donor wishes to remain anonymous, then he/she can choose to have the leaves engraved with the Names of Allah (swt), any Masjid appropriate message, or Adhkar that if read by a passerby will be an additional act of sadaqa jariya for the donor in-shaa-Allah.