EIC Steel Structure & Landscaping Project

We would like to thank our community for their continuous generosity and support towards the Masjid construction project. The next important task is to build a steel structure and complete the landscaping within the facility.

Please Donate Generously


JazakAllahu khayran!


To thank our generous donors of $5000 & more, there will be a DONOR RECOGNITION TREE at EIC with each donor’s name or message.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity as the tree will have only 150 leaves.

If you have donated/pledged $5000 or more,
then please submit the form below with your choice of name/message to be engraved on the leaf:
EIC Donor Recognition Tree Form

Note: EIC must receive the $5000 donation before the donor’s leaf is added.

Ex. a $25K donation will receive 5 leaves. The donor can choose to inscribe his/her name, spouse’s name, parents’ names, children’s names, etc. If the donor wants to remain anonymous, then he/she can choose to have the leaves inscribed with the Names of Allah (swt), any Masjid appropriate message, or Adhkar that if read by a passerby will be an additional act of sadaqa jariya for the donor in-shaa-Allah.

Other methods of donation:

  • Zelle – EIC ID: payment@eicsanjose.org
  • Pick-up Donation – Send an email to finance@eicsanjose.org or call 408-239-6668 to schedule a pick-up of cash/check donation from your location
  • Mail check to EIC – Mail the donation check to 2486 Ruby Ave, San Jose, CA 95148 – payable to Evergreen Islamic Center with memo as Construction

JazakAllahu khayran!