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JazakAllahu Khairan Katheeran!

Funds Needed Immediately for ‘New Masjid Construction’

As we work towards the completion of the construction project, we have identified 3 critical tasks that will serve as stepping stones towards building occupancy. Our intention and goal is to secure funding for these tasks before Ramadan starts. 

Here are the 3 tasks:

  1. Permanent Water Line:  This requires attaching the new structure and the fire hydrants to the main water line from the city.
  2. Fire Hydrant Installation: Is an essential component for the overall safety of the building and a requirement for emergency vehicles.
  3. Asphalt Road Access: Over the last year we have improved access and parking situation inside the facility. Time is now to convert the temporarily paved path and parking area into permanent asphalt road to ease driving and parking for our congregation. 

Alhamdulillah, due to Allah’s grace, EIC held a very successful open house on April 29th.  Over 300 guests attended the event and enjoyed the delicious Halal KFC lunch and joined in for the dua’s by Mufti Muddasir and Imam Tahir Anwar.

The main objective of the day was to show case the recent construction progress and to raise funds for the tasks in progress. We want to offer our sincere appreciation to you for your generosity in helping us to generate $100,000 towards the goal — Subhan-Allah! Thank you very much for coming through and opening your hearts and wallets during our time of great need.  As a result of the funds raised, we decreased the gap of monies required to complete the ongoing tasks to $200,000.

Following are some ways you can help raise the required funds:

  • Donate $5K / person. All we would need is 40 people to reach our target
  • Sponsor a Musalla ($2000 ea) on behalf of your loved ones
  • Fulfill any open pledges
  • Reach out to your immediate and extended families as well as friend’s circle towards raising this amount

Masjid’s need is now and your prompt support will get us closer to the goal. Our humble appeal to you is to help with raising the funds and continue to pray for the success and expeditious completion of the project. Once again, we thank you very much for your past, current, and ongoing support. Insha-Allah, with just little more push, we will be able to keep the construction on track.


Please click to view the Construction Update or the Photo Gallery or to Sponsor a Musalla

Funds Needed for ‘Operations’

Recommended Donation per Family $1000/Year