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PRESS RELEASE – Wednesday, May 25, 2022

- A call for action to end the epidemic of gun violence in America -

We members of the Evergreen Islamic Center (EIC) of San Jose are devastated by the deaths of 19 school children and two teachers at the Robb Elementary School in Uvalde in rural Texas.

There is no end in sight to gun violence in America. The horrific killing at Uvalde happened only ten days after 10 people were shot and killed in a supermarket in Buffalo, NY. The Gun Violence Archive, a nonprofit organization, counted at least 123 such shootings so far this year alone, defined as one in which four or more people were killed or injured. Of these shootings, 10 involved four or more fatalities.

How can some of our elected officials continue to hide behind a distorted interpretation of the 2nd Amendment when our fellow Americans continue to lose their lives at the hands of gunmen with such gruesome frequency? Where is the morality in that?

It is time for Americans of all stripes and persuasions to demand of our elected officials that they enact stricter gun control laws throughout the land. We simply cannot and will not endure this constancy of gun violence. The future of our nation is at stake. The United States is rapidly becoming ungovernable because of our unwillingness to protect and care for our people, particularly our children, women, and minorities.

This is no time for despair. We must continue to build alliances with our fellow Americans to stop the epidemic of gun violence ripping our country apart. More guns in the hands of Americans mean more death: fewer guns, less death. The equation is as simple and stark as that.

We share the anguish of President Joe Biden who said of the violence at the Uvalde elementary school: “As a nation, we have to ask: When in God’s name are we going to stand up to the gun lobby? How many scores of little children, who witnessed what happened, see their friends die as if they’re in a battlefield, for God’s sake?”

We must answer the President’s question collectively as a nation so that the scourge of gun violence disappears from the United States of America once and for all.

Hasan Zillur Rahim
Director of Media Outreach
Evergreen Islamic Center


We condemn all acts of violence, no matter who the perpetrator is, because violence is against the very foundation of our faith. The Quranic verse 5:32 makes it clear that a single life taken is as if the entire humanity has been murdered.

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