EIC Maktab: Weekday Quran Class


EIC MAKTAB PROGRAM (Weekday Quran Class): Taught by Mufti Sadullah. A 4-days/week program on Monday-Thursday from 4pm-5:30pm designed to teach the Quran to boys and girls aged 6 years and above. Includes: Basic Islamic education, Noorani Qaida, recitation of the Quran with proper Tajweed and Adaab, and Surah memorization. 

Can enroll anytime – registration & tuition payment required.

For questions, email: eic-wis@eicsanjose.org


Step 1: Submit the EIC Maktab Registration Form

Step 2: Pay the EIC Maktab Tuition

Please email eic-wis@eicsanjose.org to find out the tuition amount based on the enrollment date.

click on ‘Add special instructions…’ on the PayPal payment page and enter your registered child(ren)’s name(s)

or pay by Zelle: EIC ID: payment@eicsanjose.org [provide registered child(ren)’s name(s)]