Daily Prayer Times

5th Rabi I, 1442 A.H.
Thursday, October 22, 2020

Fajr 6:11 6:35 AM 7:23
Dhuhr 12:52 1:30 PM 4:40
Asr 4:40 5:15 PM 6:23
Maghrib 6:23 6:23 PM 7:33
Isha 7:33 8:30 PM

COVID-19 Social Distancing Protocol

Fajr, Maghrib, Isha & Jumu’ah Resume
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Jumu’ah Prayer

1st Jumu’ah Prayer

Adhan      1:25 PM
Khutbah      1:30 PM
Iqamah      1:35 PM
Khateeb      Hafiz Salim


2nd Jumu’ah Prayer

Adhan      2:25 PM
Khutbah      2:30 PM
Iqamah      2:35 PM
Khateeb      Hafiz Khan


3rd Jumu’ah Prayer

Adhan      2:55 PM
Khutbah      3:00 PM
Iqamah      3:05 PM
Khateeb      Nayeem Khaja


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