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Daily Prayer Times

19th Rabi I, 1443 A.H.
Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Fajr 6:14 6:35 AM 7:27
Dhuhr 12:51 1:30 PM 4:35
Asr 4:35 5:00 PM 6:18
Maghrib 6:18 6:18 PM 7:28
Isha 7:28 8:15 PM

Jumu’ah Prayer

1st Jumu’ah Prayer

Adhan      1:15 PM
Khutbah      1:25 PM
Khateeb      TBA


2nd Jumu’ah Prayer

Adhan      2:15 PM
Khutbah      2:25 PM
Khateeb      TBA


3rd Jumu’ah Prayer

Adhan      3:15 PM
Khutbah      3:25 PM
Khateeb      TBA


Please Donate Generously
Please continue with your weekly donations during these challenging times. JazakAllahu khayran!


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EIC Donor Recognition Tree

We have a DONOR RECOGNITION TREE to thank our generous donors who have donated $5000 or more towards the Masjid construction project since 2020. The tree will have the donor’s choice of name or short appropriate message engraved on a leaf. Please inform us of your donation or pledge by submitting the form below. If you have donated any amount less than $500, then please choose the ‘Other’ option and fulfill the $5000 pledge to be included in the next batch of leaves.

EIC Donor Recognition Tree Form
The donor’s leaf will be added to the tree after the $5000 pledge is fulfilled.