Please Donate Generously


We are deeply grateful for the continuous generosity and support of our community towards operations and the Masjid construction project. JazakAllahu khayran.


Donate via PayPal Giving by clicking the button below for EIC to receive 100% of your donation

Construction Donation
or donate via credit/debit card

Be part of the DONOR RECOGNITION TREE by donating $5000 towards CONSTRUCTION

The recommended donation per family for OPERATIONS is $2000/year [Operations Budget]

Other methods of donation:

  • PayPal & Zelle – EIC ID:
    If you Zelle, please put your full name and address in the comments section. For example 👇
    Donation Type : Operations OR Construction OR Zakat OR Sadaqa
    Name : John Doe
    Address : 1234 add ave City CA zip code
  • Benevity, Bright Funds, & Blackbaud YourCause – Donate through your employer and get corporate matching
  • Brokerage – Schwab – Account Number: 22255790 | DTC: 0164 | Account Name: Evergreen Islamic Center
    For STOCK donation, please send email to with Donation Type : (Operations OR Construction OR Zakat OR Sadaqa) and full name and address along with the Stock name and Ticker
  • Mail check to EIC – Mail the donation check to 2486 Ruby Ave, San Jose, CA 95148 – payable to Evergreen Islamic Center with memo as Construction or Operations

Donations are tax-deductible – Tax ID: 46-2228030

We have a DONOR RECOGNITION TREE to thank our generous donors who have donated $5000 or more towards the Masjid construction project since 2020. The tree will have the donor’s choice of name or short appropriate message engraved on a leaf. Please inform us of your donation or pledge by submitting the form below. If you have donated any amount less than $500, then please choose the ‘Other’ option and fulfill the $5000 pledge in order for the leaf to be added to the tree.

EIC Donor Recognition Tree Form

Note: The donor’s leaf will be added to the tree after the $5000 pledge is fulfilled.


For questions, please email

Thank you for your generosity. JazakAllahu Khayran!