Financial Assistance [Zakat]

To apply for financial assistance [zakat], please submit the following form

EIC Zakat Application Form

No one, in-shaa-Allah, will be denied help.



Applicant must submit the online EIC Zakat Application Form. The email alias,, will be used for efficient and discrete communication with the applicant. If this is not possible for the applicant, then cell numbers will be exchanged with the Zakat Committee and communication will be conducted via text. This is to ensure that all communication is documented. A proper verification process will be followed for each applicant which will include a request for submission of SSN, CA ID, and any necessary documents. The paperwork for each application will be processed during a period of 30 days to ensure authenticity of the request. If there is an issue in submitting the online form, then please contact for assistance.


The purpose of the Zakat Committee (ZC) is to distribute Evergreen Islamic Center (EIC) funds specifically entrusted by the local community for zakat and sadaqah distribution. The ZC follows the teachings of the Quran, Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and authentic ahadith. For any issues that require in depth review, the Zakat Committee will regularly seek the advice of scholars for issues requiring clarification. The ZC’s primary focus will be to help those who are from the local community in the Bay Area, including Muslim refugees. Applicants should submit the online zakat application form. Only fully completed forms will be processed at the discretion of the committee.