History of Evergreen Islamic Center


The journey of Evergreen Islamic Center traces back to the acquisition of land nestled within the beautiful hills of Evergreen in 1989 by the community members who recognized the growing need for a mosque in the Evergreen area. Subsequent efforts were made to start offering prayers at the facility, and construction of a full-blown mosque was kicked off in 2010. Through fundraising efforts, community support, and tireless dedication, the EIC community worked towards the realization of their dream.

Evergreen Islamic Center today boasts of approximately 40,000 sq feet place of worship and a large community hall on a 2.2 acre parcel of land. The mosque is a non-profit run by its member congregation, and recognized as a spiritual home for approximately 500 families in the locality. This is the first mosque to be built ground up in the San Francisco South Bay Area.

Since its inception, EIC has been more than just a place of worship. It has evolved into a dynamic center for community engagement, offering a wide range of services and programs to cater to the diverse needs of its members and the surrounding community. From daily prayers and Friday sermons to family nights, food distribution programs, and free health clinics, EIC is committed to serving both the spiritual and practical needs of its community. It has also actively participated in initiatives such as feeding the unhoused, operating as a voter center, and providing educational programs for youth.

EIC prides itself on its inclusive approach, welcoming individuals of all faiths and backgrounds to participate in its activities and events. Through its outreach efforts, EIC seeks to foster understanding, compassion, and unity within the Evergreen community and beyond.

As it continues to grow and evolve, the Evergreen Islamic Center remains steadfast in its commitment to serving as a beacon of faith, compassion, and service for all who seek its guidance and support.