Parking during Ramadan


During Ramadan we see an increase level of activity at the Masjid. Islam has great respect for the mutual rights and duties of neighbors. It is critical that we remain mindful of our neighbors at all times and especially during Ramadan.

And be good to the neighbor who is your relative and to the neighbor who is not a relative . . .(Qur’an, 4:36)

To ensure that parking and traffic concerns remain under control, here are specific steps that we are implementing:

  • Due to construction we have limited parking space inside the compound
    • Portion of the parking lot may be closed due to the ongoing construction
    • There will be a one-way route for vehicles to drive around the facility
    • We highly encourage everybody to carpool
    • Keep parking spots open for people with disabilities, seniors and families with young kids
    • Only park in designated parking areas
    • Do not park in spots reserved for Imams
    • Illegally parked vehicles will be towed away at owner’s expense
  • Street parking
    • Monitor street parking during Taraweeh
    • Always park legally and never block access to a neighbor’s driveway
    • Be aware and watchful of pedestrian traffic
    • Plenty of parking available on adjacent streets
    • Only park in designated parking areas

Thank you for your cooperation!