Ramadan Iftar Sponsorship

Both Steps Required:

Step 1 – Reserve a specific date/day by submitting the Ramadan Iftar Sponsorship Form

Step 2 – Pay Iftar Sponsorship

Iftar at the Masjid:
Ramadan 2024 will provide an opportunity to break your fast with family and friends at the Masjid. It is a valued tradition at Evergreen Islamic Center to offer this service to the community. Iftar at the Masjid is an opportunity to meet the new members of the community, meet old friends and make new ones! With Ramadan during the spring break will also allow kids to enjoy their time with friends without having to worry about school. It is truly a spiritual and a festive atmosphere for the entire community to benefit and enjoy. During the spring break, the Youth Committee plans to organize various youth-oriented programs, including youth iftar, with the aim of encouraging young people to actively participate in community activities and interact with their peers.

Over the years, we have seen a steady rise in the attendance for daily and community iftar. Hosting this program is not possible without the support of the community, while the costs have gone up steadily during and after the pandemic and we had to increase the sponsorship amounts to hold this program. It costs money for EIC to hold the iftar program which includes food, supplies, security, cleaning and babysitting services. This is entirely a community sponsored event. Details about the program are listed below:


  • Daily iftar Monday thru Thursday: ~200-275+ people
  • Weekend iftar Friday and Saturday: ~275-350+ people
  • Community iftar on Sunday: ~375-450+ people

Cost for dinner:

  • $3500 for Daily Iftar
  • $5000 for Weekend(Friday and Saturday), Community Iftar Sundays, and Khatam

How to sponsor:

  • Signup sheets are posted in Men’s and Women’s sections at the Masjid or
  • Reserve a slot by signing up online by clicking on the SPONSOR LINK

Sponsorship amount:

  • $500 to reserve a partial slot for daily(7 slots) iftar
  • $500 to reserve a partial slot for weekend(10 slots) iftar (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) and Khatam Night
  • Multiple people can join together to reserve a daily, weekend, or Sunday community iftar slot
  • While there is a sponsorship recommended amount, we encourage people to participate. Your support helps in paying for costs that we incur during the month

How to pay:

  • By check (To: Evergreen Islamic Center; Memo: Iftar Sponsorship) – Hand your checks to Br. Jawed Iqbal or Ramadan team volunteer.
  • Online via PayPal – Choose appropriate option and write any comments in the notes section.
  • Zelle : Use payment@eicsanjose.org as the Zelle ID (Add appropriate comments to indicate Iftar Sponsorship) Please fill out this form as well.


  • This is a service provided by the Masjid but paid in its entirety by the community.
  • We do not use funds donated for other purposes to fund the iftar program.
JazakAllahu khayran for your generous donations, sponsorship of the iftar and continued support. For more information, please contact us at info@eicsanjose.org