Construction Update


2014 Review: Evergreen Masjid Project made significant progress. We completed two significant project work items of Steel and Concrete and started on the next development phase of covering the exposed steel structure. Both these tasks were arduous, expensive, required significant planning and tested the patience of our community. Alhamdulillah, with The Almighty’s blessings and your continued support we persevered.

2015 Review: We started the year with a shell and by the end of the year our Masjid had taken its final shape and looks complete. Masha‘Allah! We are pleased to report that majority of the exterior work was completed which included metal work, roofing, stucco, tiles and paint. There was tremendous progress throughout the year. We are grateful to our community who continued their support towards the project.

2016 Review: We made significant progress throughout the year, both on the outside as well as on the inside. This phase of construction required exceptional program management and coordination as there were multiple tasks running in parallel. Inside of the facility is beginning to take shape with walls, ceiling, windows and doors in place. Alhamdulillah, with The Almighty’s blessings and tremendous support from the community we made significant progress towards achieving our goal.

2017 Review: Turned out to be a tremendous year for project as we were able to complete create several critical tasks and secure a temporary permit of occupancy, Alhamdulillah! This allowed us to enjoy the blessed month of Ramadan in the new facility, along with performing daily Salah’s. With the additional capacity we were able to pray both Eid prayers at the new facility as well. We were also able to complete the initial phase of paving completed which adds 50 new parking spots within the premises and significantly improves traffic congestion on the nearly streets. Alhamdulillah, with The Almighty’s blessings we enter 2018 with the vigor to take the project over the finish line.

2018: Alhamdulillah­, by the blessings of Allah (SWT) we are praying daily in the new Masjid. 5 years ago this task seemed insurmountable. It is true that the end of construction is well in site, but our task is not yet complete. We have identified 4 critical items that we need to complete before the blessed month of Ramadan starts. They are:

  • Permanent Electrical & Gas Connection: Remove the existing temporary connection from the old facility and install a permanent connection of the new Masjid. Work is already in progress on this task.
  • Main gate: We currently have no gate at the entrance of the property. Work is progressing steadily on this task and we expect to finish it by end February.
  • Air Conditioning Units: This is a critical need during the hot summer months as was evident during the month of Ramadan.
  • Basement Completion: Is an essential need for our growing community as we extensively use this area during Ramadan and other months. This will serve as a permanent home for our future weekend academy.

This is active construction area with heavy machines still at the premises so please exercise extreme caution!

These are arduous and costly tasks which span multiple months. We ask our community to continue to pray for expeditious, smooth and safe completion of the work. These are electrifying times at EIC as we continue to make progress towards our goal and witness the creation of a magnificent Masjid. We have been collecting pictures of construction over the last few years and felt that it was important to share this journey with our community and supporters.

Click the pictures link to see the latest construction pictures.

Click the video link to watch years of tough work in a span of minutes.

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